Sunday, 30 September 2012

Lisa Rigby live at Out of the Bedroom! (free download)

Lisa Rigby, and David Bowie
Hi everybody. This week i've got some live songs by Lisa Rigby (from the band Townhouse) for you. Here they are check them out. Good Sunday listening, i would say, plus you get an additional song if you download. All this for free, how can you argue?

Those songs were recorded live at Out of the Bedroom, Edinburgh's longest running open mic night, which also has a strict no-covers policy. OOTB has been taking a two week break recently but it's having a grand re-launch on Saturday 6 October at The Kilderkin near the bottom of The Royal Mile, that's at 8pm and it's 7:15pm-7:45pm for songwriters to sign up for a slot. Come along, it'll be awesome. And it's free. 

Also, the Ale House are having another one of their four day music extravaganzas next weekend with a huge ton of fantastic performers all performing acoustically! Click the link, check out the list. Also, i'm playing! I'm playing at 6pm on Sunday (7 October) so please come along.I  don't play many gigs and this is the first one this year i'll be bringing the twelve string guitar along to, so don't miss it. And it's free.

In addition to that i just wanted to mention i had a great time at Lorraine McCauley and the Borderlands' launch event at Coda Music yesterday, and they are doing another event on Saturday 13 October to celebrate the release of the CD too. That's at 5pm til 7pm so you can also get along to the second relaunched Out of the Bedroom immediately afterwards at Kilderkin on the Royal Mile.

Our next Edinburgh Unlimited event is on Thursday 11 October of course, featuring Jamie & Shoony, Cera Impala, Dave Keir, and The Urban Folk Crowd, for only £3 you need to come along to that as well.

And to think i was worried i wouldn't have enough stuff to tell you this week! Right, please put all that in your diary while you're listening to Lisa Rigby and i'll see you all out there in Musicland!

Calum Carlyle
Edinburgh Unlimited

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Peter Michael Rowan, Baldruin, Least Carpet and The Leg.

Hi folks, okay so last night was a big shindig at Kilderkin to say cheerio to Peter Michael Rowan who's moving away to Cumbria, it was awesome and tons of great performers were there, and you can still download Peter's going away EPs, but do it now because it's only till the end of September they'll be available.

Least Carpet/Baldruin split tape
Now, life has been whooshing past me a bit recently but there are a couple of free downloads that caught my ear this week, here's a free song by The Leg, an Edinburgh band on Song, By Toad records, hope you enjoy it.

Next i think you should have a listen to this split tape where Balruin do one side and Least Carpet do the other side. You have to get the sides separately from each band's website:

Here's the Baldruin tape side
Here's the Least Carpet tape side

Really, go and get them, and i hope you enjoy.

I'm sorry i'm not really up to doing a lot of music discussion this week, but i will be back next week with a bit more, and i'm hoping to do a run down of my favourite open mics next week too, so stay tuned pop pickers!


Calum Carlyle
Edinburgh Unlimited

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Two Podcasts And A Lot Of Thank-Yous.

Hi folks. Well, this week i haven't got a new bootleg recording or an unheard of demo CD by some Edinburgh musician. PLEASE do go back through my previous posts though, there are a ton of links to good music, much of it free or very reasonably priced, and i am fairly sure you'll find stuff you like that you've not heard before.

Having said that, here are a couple of podcasts you could listen to, i recommend them, they have good music in them.

First of all here's the most recent Labelled Independent podcast, it has a ton of awesome bands... and a song by me! So i'm very grateful to be included along with such good musical company, go and check it out. :-)

And here's the most recent 50/90 Podcast, full of fresh songs written as part of the 50/90 songwriting challenge this summer. Check out their previous episodes too.

Also i want to say a HUGE thank you to everybody who came along to Edinburgh Unlimited on Thursday, it was awesome. Thanks go to the performers: Echo Boomer, Darren Hendrie, The Sunday Republic, and Kite And The Crane, all of whom were excellent. I'm already looking forward to the next one on October 11th featuring Jamie And Shoony, Cera Impala, Dave Keir, and The Urban Folk Crowd, and i hope to see you all there.

Hang on a minute, here's some free music you can get this week, it's five free tracks by Aimee Mann, check them out, she's good.

So yeah, that's about it for now i think, i'll be back next week with some genuine exclusive free downloads, so stick it in your diary and i'll see you all out there in Musicland!

Calum Carlyle
Edinburgh Unlimited

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Live gig coming up! Free music! and a NOT-NECESSARILY-ALCOHOLIC open mic night!

Darren Thornberry - On The Blog
Hi everybody! First of all let me say i am frustrated by the Edinburgh Council's decision to close Sneaky Pete's with no notice on the basis of noise complaints. I wonder why the Council has shown repeatedly that thousands of music fans mean nothing to them, while one complaining resident can pretty much close down a live venue. What sort of world do they want us to live in? This is a capital city! Why aren't the council supporting indigenous art such as live music? It's pathetic. And i am greatly sorry to see Sneaky Pete's closed down. It'll be missed. In response to this, Daniel Davis has started a FB group for those of like mind, you might consider joining.

Okay, well here's this week's featured download, it's a free four track EP from Thorn's Musical Journey. For those who don't know Darren Thornberry was a great mover and shaker on Edinburgh's acoustic scene, and was much loved by all. He moved to the US a couple of years ago and has been greatly missed, but here's his first ever band recording "Newtongrange", yours for free if you so choose.

Next i want to mention the upcoming Edinburgh Unlimited event, it's on Thursday the 13th of September at 8pm in the upstairs room of The Meadow Bar.

It's STILL ONLY £3 and for that you get to hear live performances from:


So yeah, tell everybody you know, and i'll see you there.

There are a ton of other things on in Edinburgh, as you all know. Facebook has the details. :-) I just found out about an open mic night at "I heart cafe" near the top of Leith Walk on Wednesdays from 7pm to 10pm as well, it's a lovely venue and it's a CAFE which means you DON'T have to buy alcoholic drinks to take part. See you there on Wednesday and at Edinburgh Unlimited on Thursday, then.

Wait! one more thing, i heard this band called Lindby recently from the states. check them out, i like their stuff, it's quite upvibe. Hope you enjoy it too. Please consider buying their album as well, in the grand scheme of things that's a very fair price and you've probably spent a lot more than that on electricity, bus fares or food this week so get your wallet out for music as well. And while you've got that wallet out, please buy some of my music as well! ;-) (cheeky!)

Okay, see you all out there in Musicland! 

Calum Carlyle
Edinburgh Unlimited