Saturday, 14 July 2012

Spread the word... music is your friend

Hi everybody, seriously, spread the word. Subscribe to this blog and get everybody you know who loves music to do the same. There's not a lot of point me doing weekly blog posts about new music unless people that enjoy new music are reading, and more importantly, listening.

That said, this week i have two things to really mention. First of all, i released my new single this week. It has the amazing Susanna Mulvihill on piano and backing vocals, and the producer Daniel Davis has just been nominated as best producer in the Scottish New Music Awards 2012 (and you should click the link and vote for him. Go on, do it now while you remember, i'll wait...) And the front cover for the single is by Nicole Strachan.

So yes, here's the single, please, listen, download, enjoy. And play it to everyone you know as well. I don't get played on the radio, so i need YOU to spread this music around for me. That's what independent music's about, eh? Doing it for ourselves, and EACH OTHER. Apathy is the enemy, and music is your friend.

So the other thing i wanted to mention is that 50/90 is now in full swing. I haven't had much chance to write a lot of songs yet myself, or even do much listening, however what i have listened to has been very high quality. Here are six of the best songs i have heard so far on 50/90, and remember, these songs did not exist a week or two ago! They're all brand new songs. You and possibly about ten other people will have heard these, if that. Properly exclusive, and what's more they're all free to download. If you like what you hear then do investigate the rest of the music on the 50/90 site, just click people's names etc on their site, and try out the 50/90 jukebox as well.

* Expendable Friend - Be That Person
* Leslie - Unconsecrated Ground
* Dan Vaillancourt - We Are A Poem
* Ray Boneor & Tine M - Hit Song
* Anonymouse - Many Weeks
* Kiwafruit - Waiting For Love

And lo and behold, Daniel Davis, who i mentioned above, is also doing 50/90 this year, check out this instrumental piece that he's just recently written too.

Also, here are a couple of podcasts featuring music from 50/90 and FAWM that you will probably enjoy thoroughly as well, i hope:
50/90 Podcast # 10
50/90 Podcast # 11

Ah well, there's a ton of music happening as usual in Edinburgh, i think everybody's preparing for the Festival, when everything goes crazy and foreign people turn up in their droves to perform to other foreign people who have turned up to be performed to. In the meantime Out of the Bedroom and The Listening Room are still ongoing every Saturday and Sunday night and to me, that's where the good music is. I have NO idea why those places aren't packed out every single week.

Okay, that's it for this week, i'm off to have a bath in liquid music, and i hope you might think about doing the same! :-)

Next week i'll be giving away an exclusive no-longer-available solo session recorded in Edinburgh by the esteemed Tim Holehouse so subscribe now so you don't miss it!

See you out there in Musicland....

Calum Carlyle
Edinburgh Unlimited

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