Saturday, 10 November 2012

Friendly Vibes and Lovely Times

Hi there, okay have you got your ears warmed up? I have some new music for you to try out. Here we go...

So i played a gig on Thursday just past, it was super fab fun. The other performers were Caro Bridges and The River, who were incredible as usual, and Euan from Little Love and the Friendly Vibes doing a solo acoustic set. So here, click the link and check out their EP, it's free/pay what you like. Enjoy!

Next, i wanted to tell you about this EP from Dave Robertson. Dave Robertson's very familiar with Edinburgh though he's actually from Western Australia, and he's just come from New York, all so he can play a gig in Edinburgh, ladies and gentlemen! Well, he'll be performing at Out of the Bedroom on Saturday (10 Nov) and that's at Jenny Ha's, free admission. There will be open slots (turn up by 7:15-7:30pm to sign up) and Dave Robertson'll be playing a full set as well. Also, click the link for a listen to his new EP, it's also free/pay what you like. Enjoy! :¬) And remember Out of the Bedroom is a weekly open mic night, so go along any Saturday, they always have a good selection of performers on.

I also want to remind you to listen to some of the songs from the 50/90 website. Over the summer literally thousands of new songs were written by various songwriters, and you can listen (and in many cases) download them for free on the site. Each songwriter has a song page with all their songs on, too, for example check out: the new songs by Kiwafruit, Mousebulb, Mr Blitz, Stephen Cope, Angel In A Powersuit, Chip Withrow, TC Elliott, Expendable Friend and Gerrybhoy, and many others!

And that reminds me, the next Edinburgh Unlimited gig is on Thursday 15th of November. It stars: Jo Hill, Gerrybhoy, The Ferny Brackens, and Matthew from Cancel The Astronauts. A Unique lineup for only £3, don't miss it, it's upstairs in the Meadow Bar on Buccleuch Street at 8pm.

Okay, so please spread the word about the gig, please share, link, re-tweet this blog post, there's a TON of good music here, most if not all of it is free, or by donation, and really the silence is deafening. I can see the page view stats so i know you're reading this, is tyhere any chance you could give me some feedback on what music you like, what sort of things you'd like to see covered in this blog? I'll just keep pushing free/good music and gig info at you otherwise.

Right, take care, and i'll see you out there in Musicland,

Calum Carlyle
Edinburgh Unlimited

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