Saturday, 18 August 2012

Free downloads, gig listings, and other goodies! Treat your ears!

Hi there, and welcome to this week's edition of Edinburgh Unlimited! 
Yes, that's Calum Carlyle

This week the free downloads are from Calum Carlyle. You all know him, but you probably don't know these songs, so listen, download and SHARE THE LINK with other music lovers. Yes, this week's free music is stunning and incredible etc, but there's FREE MUSIC here EVERY WEEK, so tell your friends, spread the weird, and come back every week for more at

Right, well while you're listening to that, let me tell you there's a ton of stuff on in Edinburgh at the moment...

Jamie & Shoony will be playing an Acoustic set tomorrow (SUN) Afternoon from 2pm @ The Speigelterrace on George St. - Edinburghs Festival Fringe! FREE Entry - so just turn up for a musical hangover cure

Also, there's this totally unsung but very fun night on through the festival called Acoustic Underground - click the link for a list of who's on when, but there are also tons of floorspots too from some of Edinburgh's most exciting performers, so if you can stay up till the middle of the night then get yer butts along there. Also, there should be crowds at Edinburgh's regular acoustic events such as Out Of The Bedroom and The Listening Room, it's very frustrating to see good nights undersubscribed, because there are a lot of very good performers doing their thing at these nights.

Here's another one, though this time only running through the Festival, it's Lach's Antihoot, which this year is free. It runs every night except Mondays from Aug 3 to 26 (with the 24th off). It's at the Counting House Ballroom (38 West Nicholson Street) beginning at midnight and running til 2am. Get there at 11:30 and meet Lach at the bar if you'd like to sign-up to perform.

Aaaand... here's somebody who i've known for years and he's had a great musical and personal influence on me, it's Dave Robertson, writing the eleventh of his twelve songs in twelve weeks. check them all out, eh? 

And here's a song for you that i just heard, it's Straight Bars by Dillah ft Conscious Route. If you want to hear more of Conscious Route then come along to Acoustic Underground on Tuesday night. He and I will be doing some ACOUSTIC HIP HOP under the name of The Urban Folk Crowd. Yes, you read it right, acoustic hip hop. And it's free. Can't make it any easier than that, see you there or i'll know you're square!

also, just wanted to tell you about Music News Scotland's excellent online gig listings. There's not much to be said except they update them regularly so you'll always be able to see full gig listings on that page. Great stuff!

And that's about it for this week. Tune in next week when i'll be giving away even more free downloads from some excellent performer that i've heard somewhere. 

Take it easy out there, and don't let the bullshit get in the way of the music! :-)

Calum Carlyle
Edinburgh Unlimited

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