Saturday, 4 August 2012

Free Music Downloads! (good ones!)

It's a sunny day and the Edinburgh Festival (and fringe(s)) have started.

But! You can still benefit from some good music to listen to in your down time. This week, i'm sort of cheating. I usually like to give you totally exclusive music that you can't get anywhere else, but i heard a few choice things this week, and i want to share those with you. You probably wouldn't have heard these otherwise, so it's still kind of okay! :-) Here we go!

Kite And The Crane are a band from Edinburgh who sent me a link to this song. It's really nice! Maybe we can get them to play at Edinburgh Unlimited someday.  Anyway, go and listen to the song, and "like" them on FB.

The Anaesthetics are a band from Manchester, here's their FB page, but more importantly here's their music. The acoustic stuff is quite imaginative sort of anti-folk but then they do electric stuff too. Hope you enjoy anyway.

Miriam Crespo is a Switzerland based performer, and here she is playing a half hour set live in Switzerland! I heard of this set from a link on the Spanish Rock Shot FB page. Check it out!

Now i know you're all busy but please if you have any friends that like hearing good new music, then tell them about this blog. Do two at least, tell at least two friends this week, and the same next week etc. Let's get a sort of pyramid scheme (but in a good way!) of new music listeners on board. and if you're new to the blog, do two things:

1) check out the older posts, every one of them has free downloads in it
2) subscribe! Every future post will have free downloads in it too! :-)

Now, if you are in Edinburgh there are a few things on. Well, there are a ton of things on but there are a couple i want to mention. First of all at Henry's Cellar Bar on Thursday (9th of August) it's the LP launch for Conscious Route! Also featuring The Kennel Wages, Werd (SOS), Deeko (SOS), Combo Combo and DJ Miro. All this for only £4! And that starts at 8pm. Check out older posts on this blog for links to hear Conscious Route if you're not familar with his stuff.

I also wanted to mention Peter Michael Rowan's Acoustic Underground. It's on every night from 2345 onwards during the festival starting tonight. click the link and see who all's playing. This is all in the Kilderkin down the Holyrood end of the Royal Mile, and it's free too!

Oh yes, i also wanted to say a big thanks (or do we call it a shout out these days?) to Jason from Popcop for featuring my song Strange Skies in the jukebox on his site. Thanks! :-)

And you should check out his site anyway because it has a ton of good music on it too.
And thanks too to Scottish Fiction for playing Strange Skies this week on their radio show as well. :-)

Right, go and TELL PEOPLE about this blog, people who like music anyway.
And take care out there in Musicland! It's a fast and furious place!

Calum Carlyle
Edinburgh Unlimited

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